FLIP your World!

When you change the way you see your world, the world you see changes.

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I have it! I have the recipe for Creating your very own Luck!

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Rather than trying to make your partner better, become a better partner. Your marriage will reflect who you become.

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Trying to control something or someone you never had control of anyway, eh?

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You have attracted and created every experience you've had with Love

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Setbacks are actually Set-UPS

What looks like a setback is only setting you up for something better. Where you are is perfect.

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Greetings from
Sugar Land, Texas!

You were born fo more. You know it, you have felt the tug. And I'm here to nudge you. Hey, that's what friends are for, right?

Life, love and success are far more simple than we've made them. Everything begins with a thought, and your thought establishes the groundwork that gives direction to your eventual results.

I assure you, as you FLIP how you think about things, the things that you think about change. Literally.


Franca and I are Thrilled to share with you what we're learning! We've each traveled from humble beginnings thru the school of hard knocks, and we have a story to tell. I think our fresh twist on love and life will rock your world!

My style is quirky and fun. Hey, if we can't smile thru it all, what's the point? Thanks for stopping by our corner of the Web! Buckle up and let's FLIP IT!

Here's what I suggest...

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