Rob Films

Rob Films


These one-minute gems are not only entertaining but they leave you with a great message to carry through your day.

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My Mission

To stir, incite and inspire every soul whose path I cross, inviting each to live life with the vitality and full-color gusto our Maker had in mind for each of us the moment we came outta that oven.

My Vision

I see marriages being healed, dreams and family values being reborn and restored. I see an awakening as folks begin to remember who they are and WHOSE they are. Yes! I claim that vision.

My Core Values

My Prayer for You

Lord open the ears, eyes and hearts of each friend who visits this place, that they might catch at least a glimpse of You and of the bodaciously abundant life that you have in store for each of us. Help us to hear your whispers and feel your nudges. Amen..