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Sugar Secrets

Keep Love by keeping love simple.

I'm proud of my first work. I've whittled down the beautiful facets of love into bite-size hors d'oeuvres. This is your perfect "coffee table reading". I think you'll love the playful spirit permeating this li'l book. And each and every page holds powerful tools to help you keep your love sizzlin'! Available for download on Amazon.


Flip Your Thinking, Change Your World

The astounding power of your everyday thoughts.

Get ready to have your timbers shaken. We'll explore how so much of our thinking has been upside-down! At each chapter's end, I'll guide you on how to Flip It! From attracting more love in your life to garnering more success in your business or job. From letting go of your stress to experiencing the "pull" of your calling in life. This is a very exciting, power-filled timeless piece I think you'll love. Available Fall 2019.

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