FLIP-OLOGY defined:

The science of flipping; a breakthrough when one proclaims, "Holy guacamole, you mean to tell me life isn't going to work out according to my plans?"

The BIG FLIP (cont)...

As I was saying, I was done. Done with finding fault in my spouse for the failing marriage. Done with finding excuses why I couldn’t make my business parallel to my plans.

That day I understood better than ever before that this life has a plan of its own. It has rules that will unfold regardless of how I feel about them. The sun will rise, the Winter will end, the tides will shift and life will dance to its own rhythm.

My biggest takeaway? Mine is not to write the lyrics or the tune, but rather to dance my toosh off to the song already playing. The DJ’s got this, so relax and enjoy the dance!

What I’m telling you is, that day I became the vessel and not the clog. I began to get out of my own way.

I started paying attention to what life was teaching me. You see, I had been treating my life and my marriage and my relationships and finances like a chessboard, moving pieces around to deliver what I thought I needed.

But life isn’t my chessboard to manipulate, it’s my classroom from which to learn. Wow, what a wakeup call! What a ride life becomes when you’re IN the flow rather than fighting the flow!

My wife Franca and I are as giddy as two school kids at the roller rink, laughing and learning together. We are humbled to learn our roles in this universe. We are silenced to know more and more of our Maker who created it all. And we are both excited to share with you what we’re learning in hopes that you too will find the true meaning of this life and your unique purpose for being part of it all.



Wayne Dyer

How & What You THINK Sets the Stage for Everything...

Your marriage, your money, your relationships, your happiness...Change begins with FLIPPING how and what you think. Flip those stories you tell yourself and unlock your POWER-TRUTHS.

My Mission

To stir, incite, and inspire, inviting you to live with the vitality and full-color gusto our Maker has uniquely designed for each of us.


My Vision

I see marriages healed, dreams realized, and families restored. I see an awakening as folks begin to remember who they are and WHOSE they are. Yes! I claim that vision.

My Core Values

My Prayer

Lord open the ears, eyes, and hearts of each visitor here, to catch a glimpse of You and the bodaciously abundant life you have in store for them. Help us to hear your whispers, see your miracles, and feel your nudges. Amen.

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