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Hurry Up and Fail!

Failure is not the opposite of success. It's the stepping stone TO success.

Let’s talk about failing. Why? Because your fear of it is the reason you’re not succeeding.

You must be willing to fail. If not, then you’ll tentatively tippy-toe around with success like I did. And to be willing to fail, we need to FLIP what we make that terrible word mean.

You may have made “failure” mean bad or loser or embarrassing. And who in their right mind wants to be a loser! No wonder very few folks ever leave the starting gate.

Here’s the sobering truth about your fear of failing. It doesn’t exist except as a thought. That’s all it is, a thought. Imagine that; a thought is keeping you from success.

It reminds me of that great big elephant at the circus. That big feller was always contained by that itty bitty rope.  He had convinced himself that he cannot break away

With each event or circumstance that looks like a setback, you have two choices before you. You can pick steppingstone, or you can pick roadblock. Your pick will largely determine your life’s course. You and I are never the victim unless we choose that role.

I hear your wheels turning. You’re thinking, how can divorce or a job loss possibly be a steppingstone?

When you allow those challenges to teach you and to show you the parts of yourself that need betterment, you’re on the right track. But you’ll need to plant that ego of yours in the backseat while you consider perspectives you may not have ever considered.

It’s time to FLIP IT, my friend! That stinkin’ thinkin’ has been holding you back long enough. Are you with me? One of God’s greatest gifts to you and me is the power to choose our thoughts.

“But success is not in the cards for me.”

Poppycock! You and I and Fred and Alice and Ricardo and everyone else on this planet were each wired with everything it takes to succeed, factory installed! But that thinker of yours has refused to believe it.

It’s time to flip what you are making that nasty word “failure” mean.

See failure as little more than a big stumble. And you know what the best part of a stumble is? Its direction; you’re always stumbling forward! You will learn far more from failing than you will while sitting and planning and thinking and planning more.

So, let’s be honest about this. Your excuses for not succeeding (I’m too old, too fat, too poor, too uneducated, too darn sexy) are just a coverup. You fear failure. So, if you play it safe and avoid really going for it, then you won’t fail! Genius! I mean, who could fail at playing it safe?

HERE’S THE POWER-TRUTH about success and failure. Great writers have written many bad pieces. Great athletes performed miserably and were sent back to the minors. Any successful artist must be willing to starve. Any pursuit of success must be willing to “fail their way to success.” Otherwise the fear of failing will keep you tied to the fence post with cautious hesitation.

    • Albert Einstein could not speak fluently before the age of nine. He later wrote, “Success is failure in progress.”
    • Michael Jordan came home after school one day in tears because the coach cut him from the school basketball team.
    • Walt Disney was fired at an early age when his newspaper employer told him that he just wasn’t creative enough. Imagine, Walt Disney lacking imagination? Bah

KNOW THIS: Success is in the cards for you. You have to believe it and own it. Flip how you hold failure and the world around you will align itself on your behalf!

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