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pain is gain!

Running From Pain is Running From Forward Progress

Why on earth do we have to have mosquitos, roaches and pain? Couldn’t we just skip them all and stick with the good stuff like ice cream and tacos?

I’m truly stumped with the existence of mosquitos, but pain’s role in life does make sense. Any athlete will tell you that in order to build muscle, you must first break down the ones you have.

Looking back, I’ve never grown without some sort of pain, challenge or discomfort. Can you relate?

So what do you say we stop giving pain the bad wrap and look at it square in the eyes and say, “show me whatcha got for me.”

In past relationships, I mastered the art of fleeing. Whenever the conversation got too dicey, I went MIA. Working in my garage was far less painful than dealing with an angry woman!

But that was like eating a candy bar to soothe my sadness. It feels great in the moment, but it catches up with me sooner or later. And so, obviously, my avoiding those painful conversations led to isolation within the relationship. And after a few years of the same choices I found myself married to a stranger.

What is life, if not growth? When you and I are not growing and expanding, then we’re slowly dying. Although growth is often kick started from a good book or sermon or a new thought, accelerated growth seems to always be predicated by some sort of discomfort, pain, or pruning.

I am aware some of you reading these words are presently in pain. I honor you and your pain. I do not make light of it AND…I want to give you the good news. Your pain will serve you if and when you let it.

Here in Sugar Land, Texas, you’ll see a Crape Myrtle tree around every corner. It’s a relatively small tree that gives a colorful showing each Spring with a vivid flower display.

When the Crape Myrtle is pruned before Spring, what follows is a spectacle; vibrant colorful growth. It’ s quite a sight.

I’m a big fan of “God-whispers,” and I think this is one of them. Here’s what I mean. Explosive growth takes place after pruning. That broken bank account or broken heart you are suffering now is a pruning that is a setup for new growth.

FLIP IT! Flip how you hold this thing we call pain. No,  your loss ins’t what you asked for. And yes, your depression hurts. And you certainly didn’t plan on being fired.


I want you to find your way past the pain. It’s a choice. Step UP and understand that life is not happening TO you, it’s happening for you. In some way, your pain is trying to serve you.

Whatever. you do, don’t choose to medicate the pain. That’s only putting a band-aid on a major wound. Go to the source. When turning to the bottle or the pills or the affair or the TV or that perpetual hobby (you know, the one that takes up all your free time), you’re only numbing yourself from feeling the pain. That temporary treatment will ensure repeated pain down the road.

Pull your head out of the sand and face the POWER-TRUTH. You must go THROUGH the pain not around it. Ask God to walk with you through it. I assure you, there’s something better on the other side.

Pain bears gifts, lessons, insights, ah-hah’s, and awareness. Life is about Growth. And that growth inevitably comes from a form of pain.

My Mission

To stir, incite, and inspire, inviting you to live with the vitality and full-color gusto our Maker has uniquely designed for each of us.


My Vision

I see marriages healed, dreams realized, and families restored. I see an awakening as folks begin to remember who they are and WHOSE they are. Yes! I claim that vision.

My Core Values

My Prayer

Lord open the ears, eyes, and hearts of each visitor here, to catch a glimpse of You and the bodaciously abundant life you have in store for them. Help us to hear your whispers, see your miracles, and feel your nudges. Amen.

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