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Flip Your Faith!

Faith Doesn't Make things Easy, it Makes things Possible

Faith is knowing with needing proof

I heard about faith all my life. And I even called myself a Christian. But, boy oh boy, I had no idea back then how freeing faith can be!

It’s such an overused word so let’s get clear on what faith is.

Like a Snickerdoodle cookie, the best way to define it is to describe it. Faith is a knowingness without having to know. 

A life of faith is a life of letting go. Letting go of what? Letting go of the thing we humanoids seem to hang onto the tightest; CONTROL.

You cannot and will not see the entire staircase before you take that step. You cannot know what his reaction will be, or what the market is going to do. You do not know how they will receive you. You cannot know exactly where your step will take you. That’s why they call it faith. Living life full-out takes faith. And faith takes guts.

You spend more energy than you might know, trying to maintain control in your life and it’s quite wearing.

I sometimes think controlling our world is one of our favorite national past times. We try controlling our expenses, our diet, our children, our investments. We try controlling our time, our spouse, our image.

We HATE not feeling in control! Why? Because we want guarantees that we won’t be caught off guard, rejected, bamboozled or unloved.

Here’s the stressful part: We never can successfully control people and things! Ah, but that’s the beauty of faith. With faith, you and I no longer have to concern ourselves with the outcome or with things “working out.” We do our part and then…LET GO!

Here’s a FLIP for you: If you want to feel in control, FLIP IT and stop trying to control those people and things you’ll never be able to control anyway.

Without question, the more I let go of having to “feel” in control, the more I get out of God’s way. Faith is an indescribable adventure that promises a happy ending!

My Mission

To stir, incite, and inspire, inviting you to live with the vitality and full-color gusto our Maker has uniquely designed for each of us.


My Vision

I see marriages healed, dreams realized, and families restored. I see an awakening as folks begin to remember who they are and WHOSE they are. Yes! I claim that vision.

My Core Values

My Prayer

Lord open the ears, eyes, and hearts of each visitor here, to catch a glimpse of You and the bodaciously abundant life you have in store for them. Help us to hear your whispers, see your miracles, and feel your nudges. Amen.

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