Power of the Pull

bp title pull

“Do what you are called to do
and your work becomes play.”

Would you rather have to push your wagon up the hill, or would you rather some force miraculously pull it up the hill?

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, these are you two options. You can try and muscle your way there or you can use the Power of the Pull.

That pull comes from getting clear on your WHY. Starting with your WHY in mind will set you up with power for your journey there.

When I started my college years I had no "pull". I had no WHY that gave me energy and strength. I was there because I was supposed to be there. I had no vision, no passion, no interest in my studies. And it showed! I noticed other students who knew what they wanted in life, and their road wasn't so rocky.

Starting a business or trying to keep one afloat? Go splash some water on your face, shake off the old and let's get back to square one. That square would be your WHY.

Starting a marriage? Get clear on your WHY now of you'll be spinning your wheels. What's the drive behind what you want to do? What's your white-hot reason? If you have none, then you'll simply have to try and muscle your way there.

One of my mentors Jim Rohn once said,

“Work hard at your job and you can make
a living. Work hard on yourself and you
can make a fortune.”

I was stuck on my how’s. I had to figure out how I was going to make enough money to sustain us or how I would make enough headway to meet my deadlines. How will I expand my base and how can I ever make a living with just this? My how’s kept me thinking, doubting, analyzing, worrying and most importantly, not moving. And when I couldn't figure out the how's, I felt hogtied at the starting gate.

"How" you will get there is critical, for sure. But you won't know all the how's and what's. There comes a time when you'll need to simply get clear on your WHY and take the leap. We call that faith.

My WHY for hosting this site or for writing my books is what gives me the strength and fortitude to work endless days and nights to deliver excellence. Without my WHY it would be a task. Have you noticed how many author-wanna-be’s are running around out there? It seems everybody wants to write a book. I was one of them. But like the rest of that club, I never put pen to paper because I couldn’t figure out how I could pull it off. I was stuck in how-gear.

We've got to flip you out of how-gear!


It’s time! It’s time to flip the very reason you get out of bed each morning. It’s time to move beyond “just because.”

So many are trapped in the repetitive abyss, simply going through life’s motions. Wake up!

What’s your reason for doing anything in your life? If you want to catapult from boredom to fulfillment, you must take the time to establish, what is your WHY?

Here’s your hint: Your most compelling WHY will appear when you get clear on how you want to contribute to the world. Contribution brings sizzle to your efforts!

A school bus driver’s job is mundane until she gets clear on how her job makes a difference in the lives of her kids. That’s her WHY. That’s power.

An accountant’s job is quite routine until he plugs into how he is helping each of his clients build their own dreams. When his day becomes about contribution to others, he then feels the power to persist.

Have you heard of Johnny the Bagger? If not, Google it. But first grab your Kleenex, you’ll be inspired.

Your WHY is your ticket. You were created with a purpose in mind. And when you fall into your WHY, you’ll then become invincible as obstacles become mere speed bumps and everything around you seems to transform and work in your favor.