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Flip Your UPSET

Go within or you'll go without

Pinning your upset on another is keeping your ladder leaned against the wrong tree

Chances are, you are upset right now. You may not be aware of it, it may not be a sharp, present upset; it may be an old lingering one that you have tucked away and been carrying around with you. Think for a minute and bring to mind an upset, either present or past.

OK, watch this. I’m going to show you how smart I am. Ready? Here it goes…You are upset because something happened that didn’t fit your plans or desire. Life did not unfold how you thought it should have, and you are not happy one bit, no sirree bob!

I’m right aren’t I? I’m a genius!

LIfe’s answers are so much simpler than we make them out to be, and this upset issue is no different.

Maturity defined:
Finally understanding that life isn’t going to play out according to my blueprint.

My friend, life is not always going to go your way, and people are not going to live according to your plans. So, give yourself a break and stop living from your reactions, and start living from your rational choices. Regardless of the chaos that you may feel right now inside, there’s value in there for you, so pay attention and don’t miss it. Growth seems to always require some form of upset to get it kick-started.

When you stop making your upset about them and start looking for the learning, you’ll finally get to step off that treadmill and move forward!

Come here a second and sit on this log with me. Let’s talk about this. I want you to be happy. I want you to experience life’s abundance. And that upset of yours hinders that.

The first base to ridding yourself of your upset is to give it to its rightful owner.

It’s rightful owner is li’l ol’ YOU.

But she shouldn’t have said that and he had no business doing that. And how can I be happy with that huge financial hit I just took?

Your upset has nothing to do with what happened. It has everything to do with your RESPONSE to what happened. I’m not suggesting that you “like” what happened. Let’s just call it what it is; what happened did not fit your plans or expectations.

Listen, learn, grow, and prosper from it all. Class is in session so pay attention. Now, don’t make me send you to the principal’s office!

When you whittle it all down, upset is doing you a favor. It’s telling you that perhaps it’s time to heal or make peace or let go or change or flip your thinking. What is it that your upset is telling you about you?

I realize this may not be the answer you want to hear. It’s much easier to just stay upset. I mean, there’s no work required there.

BUT it’s much more freeing and powerful to stop blaming them and start owing your own destiny.

OK, I’m starting to get upset with this topic. Call or write me, let’s visit more about this upset business! I’d love to help you flip your thinking on the topic.

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