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"When I get stressed, I eat brownies, Blue Bell ice cream and Dove chocolate. Why? Because stressed spelled backward is Desserts!”
Put this in your pipe and puff on it awhile: Stress and Anxiety come from my not letting go of something or someone I never had control of in the first place.
Now, I'm not asking you to agree with every word I'm telling you, but I am asking you to consider whatever can serve you. In everyday life, you and I are always given two choices with everything we face or consider: We can either accept it or we can resist it.
 Someone once said that Stress is simply Resisting "what is". "But I don't like what is! And besides, it shouldn't be that way!" Well, you may be right, and perhaps it shouldn't be that way. But it is. And it is what it is, regardless of how you feel about it.
Now I'm not asking you to roll over and play dead with life. Not by a long shot! I'm asking you to let what is be what it is. Because it is! And your fighting that is keeping you all wound up and discombobulated! I want you to have all your strength, all your resources, all your creative juices in full force. And you cannot do so if you're bunched up with a resisting spirit.
I chuckle to myself when someone tells me that they have a stressful life. What they’re really telling me is, “My life is one choice after another of my fighting and resisting what is”. And unfortunately for them, the bill will catch up with them later in the form of medical bills.
You can be sure of this: Your resisting “what is” generates your stress, anxiety and frustration.
FLIP IT! Move, Express, Relax, Eat, Sleep.
MOVE: Get up and get OUT. Exercise. Move your body.
EXPRESS: Holding stuff in is a killer. Literally. Expression heals while repression kills. Practice telling your thoughts and feelings to a friend. Write your thoughts down in a journal. Learn and practice the medicine called “expressing”.
RELAX: Find a place where you can turn the volume of the world down and you can just chill. You don’t have time? Yes you do, nice try though.
EAT: Garbage in garbage out. Cut down on sugars and processed foods and late-night grazing. Respect your body as the God-given temple that it is. Whichever way you are treating it now, It’ll eventually pay you back in full.
SLEEP: Understand that sleep is when your body is quietly repairing your heart, blood vessels and other organs. It’s the pitstop for your race car. Sleep deficiency invites heart & kidney diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. If not now, eventually. Short nights are literally cheating your bodily organs. And you'll get the bill, eventually.
The above “things to do” will help your stress. But remember, you can’t cure indigestion issues with a Tums.
Start recognizing who and what you've been resisting, and then start making new choices internally. Practice responding differently to things and people when they don’t line up with your plans. Become more curious about your own need to resist rather than with their actions. Start letting go of your need to control people and things. In other words, get more interested in changing “in here” vs. changing “out there”.

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