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My One Message

I give my message in many forms, from filmmaking to speaking, from coaching to writing. I tell it thru different stories, experiences and humorous metaphors. But it's One Message: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

God made you and me in His image, factory installed with everything we need to dance thru this life abundantly fulfilled! And I'm simply here to remind you, to stir you and to nudge you.

What I'm NOT Here For

To be sure, I'm not here to motivate you. That's what pompoms and megaphones are for. And that requires providing you with a "push" from without. Rather, I'm here to inspire you from within. I'm not a mentor or a teacher. I've made my share of mistakes and bad choices. I'm humbled to give you my story and to hopefully trigger that lock inside you that will open your floodgate of potential! My message is God inspired and has tremendous value if you choose to receive. It's my prayer that you will.


Here's what I suggest...

You're here for a reason. So let's not dilly dally. Life is too short for such gobbledygook. Click here and Rob will give you a quick tour.