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Ready for something different?                          Then let's do this!

I didn't set out to be a speaker. I didn't even go to Speaker School! My "Why" was my seed that gave birth to my passion on stage and I gobble it up! I believe that's what sets me apart and gives me the contagious energy I have with my audiences.

My down-home, story-telling, style engages my listeners. It will feel like you're having an ice tea with me on my back porch. Painless and effective!

I incorporate interaction, colorful stories and playful humor to drive home my message. My one target is to bring change. I want each of my listeners to leave feeling stirred, invited, inspired and equipped to MOVE.

Your topic choices are endless. Here are a few to wet your whistle...

    Big results come from our tiny choices. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. My one-degree shift in my golf club head can make the difference in my ball landing either on the fairway or in the woods. A small shift today can very well dramatically alter your tomorrow. It's critical that we keep our eye on the ball rather than on the scoreboard.

    We have lots of fun with this one. After all, our favorite hobby in life is trying to change our partner, our kids, our employees or employer, our everything! I kick around the surefire way to change anyone in your life. Oh, and your hint has nothing to do with changing "them".

    The side we try hardest to hide, is literally the side folks are most attracted to. We’ll explore the “why” behind our choice to hide the sides we deem least attractive, and reveal the power and the success that lies just the other side of your choice to live with authenticity.

    We’re all trying to be better. Better at parenting, better at loving, better at business, better at life. I’ll visit the typical ways we get in our own way and block our own path to success. We're so busy trying to “figure out” how to get better or have better, when all along it's been about BEING better. Better at owning our part vs. blaming, at letting go vs. controlling, at accepting vs. judging, at responding to life around us vs. reacting to it. An eye-opener!

    This is all about the Power of Choice. I see the gift of choice as being one of God’s greatest gifts to us. I inspire my listeners to be better stewards of this gift called Choice. Where you are today in your life is exactly where you planned on being. All the past choices have brought you to here and now. The good news is, you also have to power to choose your tomorrow by your choice made right now.

    Some of the most debilitating, impeding questions we can ask ourselves are the ones starting with HOW. How am I going to make money doing that? How is that even possible? “How” keeps us on pause, typically from a place of doubt and fear. “How” can keep me frozen in that paralysis of analysis, afraid to just lunge forward in faith. Get clear on your “WHY”, your reason, your purpose. Let that be your cornerstone to success, from relationships to sales. Then let the "how" present itself as you start in motion.

    They say it's all how you hold it. I can light the house on fire with this one. Because, truly, each and every "setback" you and I experience is here FOR us not against us. But we miss it when we don't hold it as such. When I know that my current predicament is trying to set me up for something bigger and better, then I'm IN THE GAME. I know that this is my polishing wheel, honing me for what's next. I'm all ears and eyes. I'm looking for the learning as I stay engaged with life. Otherwise, a setback keeps me in a mode functioning from panic and fear. It's all about Flipping your Thinking!

Here's what I suggest...

You're here for a reason. Let's not dilly dally. Life is too short for such gobbledygook. Click here and Rob will give you some ideas.