Wear Those Red Boots Proudly!

red boots

When you walk into my front entrance at home, you'll see to your left, sitting on a shelf, a pair of small red boots.

Those red boots were given to me when I was a little guy. I remember opening that box on Christmas morning. My eyes must have been as big as saucers as I unwrapped the most gorgeous shiny new red boots you've ever laid eyes on!

"Wow! Red Boots! I cannot wait to start back to school!" I thought about how cool I was going to look as I strut down that school hallway. Kids will be ooo-ing and ahhh-ing.

That first day back finally arrived. Bless my pea-pickin' heart, I think I remember wearing my red boots to bed the night before, filled with anticipation. Anyway, I had a spring in my step that next day as I marched thru the hallway to my classroom where my fellow kindergarteners were all gathered.

Sure 'nough, I heard a few ooo's and ahh's over my red beauties. I soaked it all in like a sponge. And then...and then it happened. I heard it. I don't remember where it came from or who said it. Heck, they may not have even been talking about me. But I heard it...

"Those look stupid."

What?? Did I just hear what I think I heard? That one little comment shouted volumes in my head over all the other. "That's it! I cannot wait to get home and take these stupid boots off", I thought to myself.

The rest of the day was the longest day of my Kindergarten career. I felt embarrassed wearing my boots. No kid wants to look stupid around the other kids.

So there you have it, my red boot story. And they're sitting on my shelf for one reason. To remind me and others who enter to pull out your old red boots and wear them proudly.

Never let the opinions of others shape who you are or how you feel or what you believe. You gotta stay true to yourself and what you most love and value. God crafted you in unique fashion and taste. BE that and shine!

Here's the nutty side of it all: You and I are still partially living our lives shackled by a belief or two that we established when we were kids! Can you believe that? I'm living my life according to a kid's interpretation! Holy cow!

Some of you carry that old belief that you're ugly or fat or a social outcast. And so you've shied away from anything that'll press that button. You carry a belief that keeps you handcuffed from expanding in specific areas. It's time to REDO! F5 baby!

It's time to take out those red boots of yours. It's time to remember that part of yourself that you put away on the shelf long ago. It's time to GET BACK TO YOU, my friend. Because that's how God made you. And the you that He made is just right.

It's time to soar baby! Kick out those sideboards, shed that old lie that has you holding back and let's fall in love with everything that you are! And give a shout out to your Maker, "God! You sure done good!"

Encouragement & love from my family to yours.


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