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Flip Forgiveness!

Forgiveness is paying forward god's unmerited grace

Your choice to forgive sets you free, not them

So, you thought “to forgive or not forgive” was a weapon in your tool box, eh?

You may have thought forgiveness is your choice and your right to dole out to those deserving souls.

We actually have this forgiveness thing backward. Many see it as a gift to give someone else as if we’re letting them off the hook. And to further the distortion, we think that we’re punishing them by holding back our forgiveness.

It’s a power-play. You feel betrayed, and now you have the retaliating upper hand. But nothing could be further from the truth. That belief will keep you handcuffed.


Forgiveness is not about the other guy deserving forgiveness; it’s about you not deserving the toxic grudge that eats you from the inside-out. Your ego can wear that poker face and refuse to acknowledge the damage from your grudge, but it’s there. Aware of it or not, it’s slowing you down.


Withholding your forgiveness is like popping a poison pill in your mouth and expecting the other guy to die.

Consider the source of this act of forgiveness. It comes either from ego or from love. The part of you holding back your forgiveness is your ego, and I assure you, your ego is not working for your best interest.

Forgiveness is a deceptive rascal in that it fools you into thinking they are the ones suffering. Consider this:

While I’m at home nursing my grudge,
my “grudgee” is out somewhere dancing.

The story we tell ourselves is, “I could never forgive him,” or “she doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.”

My friend, there is a joy that exists beyond description when you lose the ego and claim the love. There’s good reason why the scriptures tell us to love our enemies. What a concept! That one is hard to wrap my head around, but there’s tremendous freedom when you can love and forgive the one who wronged you.

I’m telling you these things not to fill up a page, but because I care. I care for your happiness. And your choice to hold onto grudges and refuse to forgive is robbing yourself of complete joy.

It takes guts to forgive. I challenge you to be gutsy. Make yourself uncomfortable. That’s where champions grow, in that place of discomfort and challenges. Lay down the ego and do what will bring you ultimate joy. You’ll feel the weight lift, you have my promise.

Your choice to forgive is receiving God’s grace and paying it forward.

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