bp title excuses

"You can always count on a good Excuse to be there
when you need it. Opportunities? Not so common."

Well, I've been procrastinating on writing this page but I can't come up with any more excuses. So let's just do this!

I don't like to think of myself as an excuse sorta feller. But here's the scoop: You and I always face two options ahead of us: Either Make Progress or Make Excuses. There's really no tweener.

The word "excuse" sounds quite harsh, doesn't it? But you know me, we have to get to the core and come out with a really useful tool. So let's break it down. Right now you are at spot A in life. You look forward to being at spot B. To get there requires an action on your part. If you areĀ not making progress toward spot B, there's a reason. And that reason is your excuse. It's your story.

We all have a story we tell ourselves and the world. Our story keeps us sane. "I was born on the wrong side of the tracks. I'm disabled. I wasn't given the education I needed. I'm too old. I'm too young. I'm really OK where I am. I'm too dawg-gone good-lookin'"!

Our story is our cover, our out. It's simply not my fault. Ah-hah! And therein lies the culprit. We each have a need to feel like we're "OK", that we're not defective. And so, if I'm not successful or do not have the big house, fast car or horse in my barn, it's not my fault! I have an excuse! See?

Come sit here a minute and let's look at the secret beneath the secret. An excuse is only your attempt to appease lackluster performance or bad choices. If your excuse is believable enough, then by golly you don't have to "go for it" and take those risks. You can coast and enjoy the comforts you now enjoy.

Here's what your excuses give you. They give you a warm, safe feeling that you are OK and that it's not really your fault. But what you also get is a life of repetition and mediocrity. Excuses absolutely keep you tied to life's starting gate.

Practice shedding excuses. If you're late, simply own it and apologize, no explanation. If you failed, be still and learn from it. If your relationship ended, Stop blaming (excuses) and just own your part. Take the high road. Be less concerned about how everyone feels about you and more interested in learning and growing and furthering yourself. Besides, owning your part really looks good on you!