Failure is the FIZZ in Your Coke

OK, I have a beef with Mr. Webster. I think he has this one wrong...
What’s your answer? C’mon, I’m listening….
Was your answer “Success”? That’s what I thought! And that was my answer as well, a few short years ago. And that’s also Webster’s answer! So you're in good company.
Lemme invite you to flip that answer. Failure is Not the opposite of success. Failure is a Steppingstone TO success!
And yes, failure is the fizz in the coke. A coke without those zesty bubbles is flat, right? Put some fizz in that bad boy and you’ve got a winner! You’ve got movement, you’ve got pizzazz, you've got Aliveness!
I want you to Flip your idea of failure. It truly is the steppingstone that will get you where you want to get. Just ask Edison after his 900th attempt to create the lightbulb. No failure there. He would tell you that he just figured out another way how Not to make a lightbulb!
Now, this is not just a mind game I’m suggesting. Failure truly is a critical part of success, and here’s why. Failure, rejection, defeat, setbacks, course-corrections…they all have one thing in common: They’re all giving you the same invitation, to either get bitter or better. Without them you won’t get the chance to learn and grow and stretch and scratch your head! And we all need a little head-scratchin’ at times.
That’s why I tell you, failure is the fizz in my coke. It makes me move, shift, shimmy and squirm. It bumps me outta my rut. It pushes me, teaches me, humbles me and most of all, makes me reassess and redefine my values and my very purpose and my "who the heck am I and what am I doing here."
And here's the skinny: If you buy the lie that failure is the opposite of success, then you'll find yourself holding back and not taking those risks that life requires of you. You'll not make that move, not change that job, not go back to school. You'll not ask for the sale or write that book or start that biz. You'll hold back for fear guessed it...failure! Yikes! You're fearing something that doesn't even exist!
OK, so here's Roberto's exclusive invitation to go out there and fail! Put some fizz in that coke and let's quit dilly dallying around, my friend! Life ain't no dress rehearsal. God's got bigger things in store for you when you put wheels on that faith of yours and take that leap, big or small. So do your part and let Him do His

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