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In other words, stay proactively engaged. That's where the pot is stirred and the soup is perfected; in those small choices to deny your judgment and take a closer look. My best friends and most successful ventures came from my small choices to MOVE. I'll betcha some of yours have too.

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I want to remind you that you won't have the marriage or the partner or the money or the satisfaction and fulfillment you deep-down desire until you make the choice to ACT when you don't feel like it.

Step off that merry-go-round. Get up earlier. Join that gym. Take that online course. Start that group. I don't care if it costs money! You're worth the investment! You have a God-breathed purpose on this earth and I want you to start moving toward it. And no, you won't "feel like it" at times and that's OK.


There's a peacekeeper in us all. We like to see folks comfortable and happy. But it's not our job to keep others comfortable. In my past attempts to keep my wife comfortable by holding back the truth, I literally kept her from her own chances to grow and learn by facing the truth.


What might seem like a mess to you, God sees a perfect pattern emerging and growing. Your life is and has been a flawless fractal. What appears to be flaws are merely parts of the process called life. Take it in. Don't be hard on yourself or on life itself. It's all here to make you stronger bigger, better, and to bring you life more abundantly. That's His promise.


Once again, let go of your need to control how the cow chews the cud and let her chew it! Stay your adorable self and press forward with that relationship or that thought or that dream or that vision. God's got this! Ask Him to help you trim those assumptions and expand those hopes, anticipations, and healthy ambitions.


It's easy to stay your adorable self when the other guy is treating you nice. But boy oh boy, whenever I bump into that cashier who looks like he just ate sour grapes, or the obnoxious postal worker or that rude's tough to take that high road.

499 still have the most powerful weapon that can never be taken from you; you have the power to choose what you will make it mean.


We have so many "winds" these days. We are barraged and battered by media scares, rumors and uncertainties. Sanity is the name of the game, and your sanity comes from having in place your keel, your truth that you represent and that represents you.


Timing is a funny thing. You have your timing on things and I have mine. And life has its own timing. THAT...that right there is setting you up for either happiness or stress. How you respond to life's timing with things will either bring you a life of peace and pleasure, or one of stress and resistance.


I just took you on a quick marvel tour. I know we've been thru a rough few months with this virus mess. It's just a good time to STOP. And MARVEL. It's a soul feeder. And as you marvel at stuff around you, know that all this was created by love, with love, for love.


If you take nothing from all this lockdown time, at least take this. Open your eyes and discern what activities or thoughts or habits you became caught up in.  Recognize how you can serve yourself by removing them permanently!


Time to do things differently, my friend! It's time. See your reasons, justifications and excuses for exactly what they are. They're scrawny folding chairs that can Never contain you...unless you tell them they can.


This is the time for us to think as a whole. As a people. We need each other for this thing to work. Think, what’s best for this great country? Recognize and respect other views. We come from different pains. You are not wrong or right, you are simply influenced by your pain. The nurse is exhausted and scared from being overworked and exposed while the furloughed employee is exhausted and scared from loss of support for his/her family.


Here's my challenge to you this week. Let's knock off a little of that forming crust. Don't let this feel like it's your new normal with folks around you. Here's what I'm doing, and maybe you can join me. As I find myself wanting to focus on avoiding, I'm FLIPPING IT. I'm now focusing on connecting.


Seems like we all got so caught up in "doing" and forgot how to "be." Don't forget, we named ourselves human beings, not human doings.


You need ALL your resources now. You need all your strength, all your disciplines, all your dignity, all your creative resources, all your love and passion for life. So guard it like a gold coin! Guard it all by paying attention to where you allow your thoughts to go.


Successful folks anticipate change. I'm talking...permanent change. They don't dread it, they don't fight it, they mentally anticipate it and dance with it. So then, change doesn't knock them off their saddle when it shows up.


So, let's you and I not waste a good pandemic. Let's make it count for something! Nothing in life ever happens TO you, though it may feel like it. Rather, things happen FOR you. So let's flip this thing into something of value.


WHAT DO YOU HAVE POWER OVER? You have power over your health, your happiness, your thinking, your choices, your peace of mind.  Give those your energy, time, attention and focus. They are yours. Own them. Do not neglect them.


Take charge of your demeanor. Reclaim your composure, your happiness, your peace. You can't change out there, but you can sure change in here. Learn the miracle of acceptance. It will serve you well. You’ll not allow any circumstance to squelch your vigor for life. Now that’s living life on purpose!


Your efforts to rescue or protect folks from their own pain, are often only robbing them of learning and growth.

  1. You and I, we've conditioned ourselves to wait. Wait for that big break. Wait for conditions to be just right. Wait for the signal or the sign. Wait for life to give us an engraved invitation. Wait for that round tuit. It's become clear to me that, you'll have it when you truly believe that you can have it.
  1. First, let's get rid of the that's-just-who-I-am excuse. That's not who you are. Instead, that's what you've become. Your potential is FAR more!
  2. Start asking the WHY-NOT questions. If you don't, nobody else will. And time will keep marching on.
  3. Gotta ditch that ego. Let uncomfortable circumstances challenge you to get better, not bitter.



Hey, this faith thing takes guts. It ain't for the lamb-petting faint-hearted. No siree, Bob! It takes guts to have faith. Because you have to give up your insistence on knowing or controlling or predicting! You cannot hang on to those joysticks of life and live peacefully in faith.


Have you noticed how throwing your opinions out there is simply your attempt to win? Is that really what you want in your relationship? To win? Remember, when you win, somebody else has to lose. And that, my friend, is not love.


I avoid pain like a cat with a cucumber. And if you don't know about the cat and the cucumber, look it up on Youtube.  But wait. Running from pain, in a way, is literally running from life itself. Because, life IS growth, don't you agree? I mean, if you're not growing, you're not living!



And even more outlandish, stress is resisting what hasn't even happened yet! It doesn't even exist and you're fighting it!

Think about it. I'm mentally resisting what is or what hasn't yet happened. But 100 out of 100 times, what is IS! And that's what it is...


Here's my suggestion: MOVE! Start heading up and down the aisle. If not, you'll come down with a bad case of paralysis of analysis from overthinking. Start moving! And what do you think will happen when you start moving? You'll see things you never saw back when you were cogitating. You'll see different perspectives and possibilities. You'll see more doors opening up. You'll meet folks, think thoughts, develop confidence, stumble upon ideas. You'll meet opportunities you would have never met while contemplating your belly button.


You gotta ride that pony called change. One of the biggest joy-killers is when you don't anticipate and expect change. It's gonna happen! God made the oceans in constant motion rather than a still lake. He gives us a different sky every single day and night since the beginning of time! So jump on that pony and ride that thing called change! Stop rooting your joy in people and things! They'll only rust out or die or leave and then they'll take your joy with them.


Flying a kite is a great metaphor for your decision-making. What keeps a kite flying is its grounding anchor-point. And what helps keep your sanity in decision-making is your choice to keep decisions grounded in what you value.


Being who and where you are right now is where your power and passion reside. So stop squandering them away by trying to be someone you're not. Live out who you are right now in FULL-COLOR BABY! This is life. Today. Not tomorrow. Not over there. Not being that.

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Being who and where you are right now is where your power and passion reside. So stop squandering them away by trying to be someone you're not. Live out who you are right now in FULL-COLOR BABY! This is life. Today. Not tomorrow. Not over there. Not being that.


The most venomous and love-strangling mindset you and I can take into any relationship, whether in parenting, friendships, marriage... is our need to be right. A preacher once told me, "You can either be right or you can be happy." Boink! Ouch!


Your disappointment in people and in events isn’t about them, it’s about you.

When I'm upset at what you said or did or didn't say or didn't do, my upset is solely about you not lining up with my expectations. Holy cow! This has been a breakthrough for me and how I process my world.