More About Rob

Well, I figure if you've made it this deep into my "About" section, it's either because you're really nosey,  you're a stalker, you're bored at work or you really do want to know more about me. Either way, I'm glad you've landed here.

I love watermelon, and I hate when folks stop at a red light in the right lane with no intention of turning right. I avoid those guys like the plague. Hey, I'm working on that one.

I'm on a lifelong mission to find some semblance of nutritional value in chocolate so I can justify my craving. I'm buying into the notion that chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, which makes it a plant, thereby classifying chocolate as a salad. Let's go with that one.

I truly get excited when I have an ah-hah moment. That's when I understand more about life and love and success and how it all works. Franca, my wife, shares the same passion and excitement. So you can only imagine what great conversations we have around our dinner table.

I love sports and dogs. I'm a big giver. I get it. I truly get the value of contributing, especially to those who could never pay me back.

I make stuff out of wood. I have a shop in my garage full of big man toys to do my woodworking.

The most cherished and heartfelt thing I can tell you about myself is that my walk with God is genuine. I was raised in a Methodist Church but never really caught on to any kind of intimacy with God. I've taken a huge leap thru the years from "religion" to "relation" and it's a fascinating, thrilling, peaceful and fulfilling ride. I've come full circle and now recognize how this life is simply a journey back to myself and back to my Maker. And all life's questions and answers point you and me there.

Oh and, not to worry. I'm not a God-in-your-face kind of nut. There's no need. The simple, common-sense answers you'll be uncovering are going to take you on your own spiritual path. It's a natural journey that just fits. We're all just wired to find our way back to our loving God.

And don't forget, I'm approachable. I care about you even if we have not yet met. I'm here to make a difference, one heartbeat at a time. So take me up on it. I get a kick out of making new friends and doing friendships "on purpose."