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New Perspectives and Fresh Ideas for your life!

From marriage to business, from parenting to sports, it’s very simple. And perhaps simpler than you know. Your most powerful, life-altering tool you possess is your thinker! How and what you choose to think about sets the stage for your life experience. Let’s get back to first base and make sure your thinking is in line with creating the life you truly want.

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How can thinking be that powerful?

You and I are simple critters, really. How you hold things and what you make things mean will determine how you interact with them. And that sets into motion how things "play out."

Let's not overcomplicate this. As hard as you try to make things work in your life, the first base to it all is simply this: FLIP YOUR THINKING!

Franca and I are thrilled that you're here. We are enjoying our days together in our cozy town of Sugar Land, Texas. I'm Rob, and if you'd like to know more about me... LEARN MORE.