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An eccentric man once threw a party for all his friends. He had filled his swimming pool with sharks and other vicious aquatic critters. At one point he stopped and announced, "to anyone who's brave enough to jump in and swim to the other side of the pool, I will grant any wish they desire."
Immediately there was a splash as everyone watched in horror the incredible sight of a guest swimming and weaving and battling his way thru the pool and safely to the other side.
Everyone there was stunned! "What an act of bravery," yelled the host! "I will reward you with anything you wish." The exhausted guest, dripping wet and obviously irritated, looked around and snarled, "All I want is the name of the guy who pushed me in!"
For some folks in life, motivation comes easily. Others of us need a little nudge. OK, some of us need a shove! What may feel like you've been knocked off your saddle, consider that, perhaps you were on the wrong horse. Maybe you needed to be knocked off.
As big as your vision may seem, in reality, it's quite limited.  We make our plans and God laughs! I'm convinced that God has a terrific sense of humor. I mean, look at the platypus! My friend, your perspective and my perspective are very limited. You must remember that life is not happening TO you, it's happening FOR you.
So FLIP IT. Your lost job or broken relationship or bad news is bad only if you decide it's bad. Now I'm not talking about "positive thinking" here, I'm talking about reframing it all. There's a master plan, and what happened was an important piece to a master plan. But here's the catch:
You must hold it as such. You must open your ears and eyes to God's voice. My successful film business of 10 solid years suddenly crashed for no apparent reason! But I held it as...there's a reason perhaps bigger than my own vision! And by golly there was. That shove out of the nest is what I needed to land me here with you.

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