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“Fifty bucks says I don’t have a gambling problem!”
On our spree in Vegas, Franca and I felt like ducks out of water as we stood there staring at the gambling tables.
We didn’t have a clue what we were doing! There we were, a pair of virgin gamblers in Vegas. So what do you do in Vegas when you don’t have a ticket to a show and you don’t know how to gamble? Easy! You play the one-armed bandit of course. I mean, anybody can pull a lever and yell “c’mon c’mon c’mon”!
I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that…we exited the building with less money in our pockets than when we entered. That thrill of anticipation got us, hook, line and sinker!
So wouldn’t it be nice if you could unlock one of those machines and manually line up those cherries 3 in a row? OK, OK, let’s not completely take away the sport out of it. Let’s say, wouldn’t it be nice to manually line up those first 2 cherries and then pull the handle for that 3rd column? Wouldn’t your chances skyrocket? Yes! Yes, they would!
I’ve found that, by lining up those first 2 cherries myself, the third cherry had much fewer obstacles to face. Here’s what I mean.
I’ll use as an example, finding my mate in life. There are countless factors that go into such an adventure! So many things have to line up and take place for me to find that just right partner. So I decided to go ahead and line up the first two cherries, and then let the 3rd one find me when it will.
What did those first 2 cherries look like? The first was, spending time making myself the man that my perfect partner was out there searching for. Making myself a more valuable commodity, so to speak, would certainly bring that first cherry into place. So I learned more about love and life and learning more about what that “Mr. Right” looks like.
My second cherry was getting myself right spiritually. I knew that to attract my perfect mate, I had to be perfectly OK with myself and by myself. Then I could present myself to her (and to the world around me) as more of a “whole” rather than a “needy half”. I truly learned the importance of not needing a partner. And when my needs shifted to simple desires, then entered stage right my sweet Franca. Hi Franca!
Be about the business of making YOU better at what you’re good at. Hone your skills and get better and better at what you want to be or do. Consistently improve yourself. In doing so you’re lining up, figuratively, those first 2 cherries. Don’t concern yourself with the 3rd one. That’s God’s department, not yours.
The first two cherries are your skillsets and hard efforts. They are your sense of value that you bring to the market. And the third? That one represents all that talent and effort striking the right time and place for the big pay off!
This concept works in every crevice of your life, from finding employment to finding a mate. From launching your new career to parenting those rugrats.
Seneca, a Roman philosopher, once said that Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity. Well said Seneca. Let’s go with this one: Luck is what inevitably happens when you’ve put in the work lining up your first 2 cherries. In other words, God does His part after I’ve done mine.
You create your own destiny. As a man of faith, I believe that my God has a strong hand (the upper hand) in the matter. In my experience, I’ve witnessed time and time again that, whenever I’m about the business of tending to those first two cherries, when I’m actively bettering myself at whatever field I’m in, God always follows up with the icing on the cake, that third cherry.
The good news is that, when you let go of the outcome, when you stop concerning yourself with that 3rd cherry, then you’ll enjoy the freedom from worry and doubt. And that frees you up to pour your talents and energy into what you have power over…yourself.
The Serenity Prayer:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
The Cherry Prayer:
God grant me the peace to accept whatever the third column brings me, the courage to create the first two columns, and the wisdom to remember which cotton-pickin’ column I’m in…mine or Yours.

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