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"If you can buy it, lure it or contain it...It ain't love!"
I once asked one of my groups to define love. Predictably, I got almost as many different answers as there were people in the room. How ironic. This thing called love is something we all want, It's something we all seek out, and yet it's something that we have such a hard time even defining.
I've counseled many folks on the subject of love. And here's what I've noticed. We tend to treat love like most everything else in life; As if it's a possession. And that's where we invite the problems.
Love is like a cat in your lap. It leaves when you try and make it stay, and it stays when you let it leave. It's energy. It doesn't work the same as hunting deer, buying a truck or building a desk.
Those of you who claim that you don't have time for love are only verifying to the world that you don't want to re-experience past relationship pain.  Who would? But truly, Everyone has time for love because we crave it! We just don't want the headache and heartache that, from our experiences, seem to come along with the deal.
For those of you who have been burned too many times with love, I have good news for you: God is patient. He repeatedly gives us the chance to learn. When we don't get the lesson, when we react and blame and bounce from one relationship to another without paying attention to our own contribution to the demise, we then get another chance with the next relationship.
Keep in mind, life is growth. Growth usually comes from pain and discomfort. And that discomfort typically is delivered thru...you got it...relationships. When you don't pay attention to the lesson at hand, then you simply get to repeat the class!
Keep in mind, your "lessons of growth" are never lessons about "them" and are always lessons about you. And the more you make it about them, the more doubts, demands, blaming and holding back you'll promote. And of course, those things only promote dysfunctionality in your relationships.
Do you want more love? Then make a few tweaks and become the love machine that others cannot resist. Remember, it's not about finding love or creating love, it's about Being more loving.

Here's what I suggest...

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